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Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide by Green Chemistry Approach

Swapnil Prabhulkar, R. M. Patil

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The role of some mixed-metal oxide spinel nanoparticles of nickel substituted copper ferrites as heterogeneous catalysts in the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide has been investigated by measuring the evolution of oxygen at different time intervals in the temperature range of 35-60oC. Enhanced catalytic activity is observed with Cu0.2Ni0.8Fe2O4 anoparticles, while the lowest but considerable catalytic activity was observed with Cu0.8Ni0.2Fe2O4. The specific reaction rate, in general, is found to be increasing with increase in the temperature and the decrease in the sizes of the catalyst nanoparticles. The possible reaction echanism for the ecomposition of H2O2 over catalysts surface have been suggested.