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Role of Fnac in Tuberculous Lymphadenitis

Dr.Khalda Nasreen, Dr. Md.Rashid Taj

Background: Tuberculosis has caused significant morbidity & mortality throughout history. Tuberculosis of the lymphnodes is the most common form of extra-pulmonary tuberculosis. Aim & objective: The purpose of the current study was to determine the diagnostic value of FNAC in the diagnosis of tuberculosis. Where possible ,the finding were correlated with chest X-ray, Mantouxs test, CRP & ESR.Material &Methods: A total of 130 patients attended the OPD of Rama Medical College Ghaziabad for FNAC between August 2012 to May 2014.Result & Conclusion: Among 130 cases ,88 were of tuberculous lymphadenopathy. Cervical lymph nodes were affected in 106 cases ,inguinal and axillary in 14 and 10 cases respectively. The maximum number of patients with lymphadenitis were seen in the age group of 11-20 yrs followed by 21-30 yrs.The least No. of cases were seen in the 0-10 yrs age group. The presence of characteristic caseation necrosis is diagnostic for tubercular lymphadenitis. In cases where a definitive diagnosis can not be made on the basis of cytomorphology ,a conclusive diagnosis is made only after correlation with other tests like mantouxs test, CRP & ESR. Bacteriological studies are especially important in high risk patients with AIDS in which disease is more severe, likely to be drug resistant and more prone to disseminate.