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*Dr. Zahoor Hussain Daraz, Dr. Berkheez Shabir, Dr. Rehana Afshan, Dr. Pramesh Kumar Yadav and Dr. Adnan Bacha

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research

Paederus dermatitis is a distinct, inflammatory contact dermatitis characterized by a quick onset of maculoerythemobullous rash on exposed parts of the body. The disease is caused by a beetle of the genus Paederus. This insect beetle usually does not bite, but accidental crushing of the beetle over the skin brings about the release of its haemolymph, which contains a strong blistering agent called paederin. This article describes few cases of such dermatitis encountered in our OPD causing distress to many children and their parents. Proper identification of the condition, treatment and counseling about absence of systemic disease of parents play a pivotal role in management.