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Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Salmonella Infections

Eleazar, C. I, Udoh, I.P, Iroegbu, C.U., Ogeneh, B.O, Eleazar, E.S.

Journal Title:

Patients infected by the Salmonella bacilli at the convalescent stage are usually asymptomatic and misdiagnoses may often occur. The distribution of Salmonella enterica organism in the samples of subjects at acute and convalescent stage was evaluated. A total of 765 subjects were enrolled (557 symptomatic and 208 asymptomatic). The total population of symptomatic and asymptomatic subjects that were positive for Salmonella enterica enterica var typhi/paratyphi was 269(48.0%) and 23(11.1%), respectively. The symptomatic and asymptomatic subjects blood samples yielded 107(19.2%) and 18(8.7%) isolates respectively, (p= 0.001), while the stool samples of the two groups yielded 90(16.2%) and 74(35.6%), P= 0.089. Definitive diagnosis is necessary for the control of typhoid fever. Absence of clinical symptoms in the endemic setting does not exclude the presence of the Salmonella enterica pathogens. Carriers and those in contact within household are usually at risk and require periodic screening and treatment