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A Study of Endometrial Pathology in Abnormal Uterine Bleeding in Peri Menopausal and Post Menopausal Patients of Kanchipuram District



Introduction: The endometrium is the sheet of cells that grows monthly to line the uterus. Normally, women naturally expel these endometrial cells during menstruation. In some women, however, the growth of cells becomes excessive, resulting either in flat or protruding growths, called endometrial polyps, or in a thickening of the endometrium, called endometrial hyperplasia. Hyperplasia can lead to cancer if not treated. These conditions may occur when a womans hormone levels are out of balance as her endocrine glands produce too much estrogen and not enough progesterone-like hormones that would normally work to counteract estrogens tissue-producing properties. Aim:To evaluate Endometrial pathology in abnormal Uterine bleeding in peri and post menopausal patients of Kanchipuram District consisting of Poonamalle,Kundrathur and Sriperumbudur. Materials and Methods: A total of 5oo cases of peri and post menopausal women attending Gynec OPD for complains of abnormal uterine bleeding who underwent Pipelle endometrial biopsy and Hysterectomy were included for our study. Age: women of 35 years to 65 years were included for our study and the mean age of study was 50 years. Results: 34.4% of the patients had proliferative phase of the Endometrium.41.1% of the patients had Simple hyperplasia without atypia. Conclusion: Thus hormone treatment in the form of oral contraception and ovulation stimulation for family planning to hormone replacement therapy in menopause, to adjuvant therapy of tumors of the breast and uterus play a major role in Endometrial pathology