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Monitoring Factory Machine Status from Remote Location using GSM Technologies?

C. Shiny Jennifer, B.V. Baiju, K. Anusree?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

This proposed project keeps on monitoring the switching status of the machine and the data is stored in memory with date and time. This data is sent to the dedicated android tiny database. At the same time a message will be sent to user mobile through GSM. This project that provides a communication between the machine and android mobile since android is an open source which allows the user to build their own application according to their requirements. If the user wants to access the data he has to log in to the dedicated android app and has to press the fetch button so that the status of the machine is viewed. Finally if the user wants to view the production details in the form of a graphical representation than has to press the generate button so that the entire production details are viewed in a form of a graphical report that could be discussed with the officials. It helps in viewing and making analysis about the production details where ever place the user move so that it allows the right person to take decision at right time and need not to depend upon any supervisor budget report.