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A.Sindhuja, Rathi.P.R, Anis Fathima.A.R, A.P.Jeyasanthini?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

A modern machine or software can deal with some inbuilt programs which represent a solution to a problem statically where the inputs and the outputs given are constant. During a machine gets inputs at run time the program must be able to work depending on new situations at that time it needs some intelligence or knowledge which are developed and implemented by agents. When a single agent running in an environment it may identify only some of the states but when multiple agents are running each individual state can be judged easily. Hence in our proposed system a multi agent environment is created and each set of actions are done by individual agent concurrently for a health based system. Thus the actions identified by each agent are communicated through communication languages and justify the solution for that given problem using Evolutionary algorithm and it is stored as a pattern for further use. When there is a solution for a problem in the knowledge base it can be identified through pattern based ontology which is applied on multi agent environment. Thus it may decrease the time to find new solutions.