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Relevance of Programmes Accreditation in Nigeria Universities for Quality Assurance

Dr. C. N. Ozurumba, Dr. V. O. Ebuara

Journal Title:Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciences

This study was designed to examine accreditation of University Academic Programmes in Nigeria towards sustainable quality assurance in education output. The population of the study comprised of five thousand (5,000) academic staff from five (5) Federal Universities in South-South zone of Nigeria. A sample of five hundred (500) academic staff was used for the study. Four hypotheses were formulated and tested using Pearson products moment correlation coefficient analysis. The result showed that, a significant relationship exists between accreditation and programme development, human resources, physical resources, and teaching quality. Based on the findings the study recommends that institutions to be accredited should be closely monitored and not allowed to exceed their carrying capacity.