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Theological and Doctrinal Terms Articulated in Filipino Language: A Pedagogical Approach in Religious Studies


Journal Title:Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciences

The efforts to communicate gospel values in the Filipino context and in its native language bring out an authentic inculturation as it ensures not only the relevance of the gospel but also the clarity of the message to the receptor culture. By articulating theology, Filipinos will able to form consciousness, thought, and understanding of their faith in their own cultural way. The more we can communicate and express our faith through our native language, the more that our feeling becomes intensified, deepened, and sharpened. And because of deepened feeling and willing, Filipino Christians can actualize what their Christian faith requires them to do. Hence, the objective to make theology more understandable to Filipino Christians, teaching theology using the dynamic equivalence of Theological and doctrinal terms in Filipino language in the classroom setting can be an important tool in learning where individuals can encounter and enhance further their understanding of their faith. This will lead Catholic students to communicate, express, think, and discuss their faith using their own native language so as to live the faith they professed and to live by it in their own cultural way.