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Communication Climate and Job Satisfaction of Faculty Members at Cavite State University - Naic


Journal Title:Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciences

The purpose of the study is determine whether communication climate and job satisfaction are independent from one another as perceived by the faculty members of Cavite State University – Naic . Specifically, it seeks answers to the following questions:(1)What is the level of faculty members’ communication satisfaction in relation to the following variables, communication, information, relationships, communication channels? (2) What is the level of faculty members’ job satisfaction at Cavite State University- Naic? (3) Is communication climate independent from job satisfaction? The researcher used the descriptive research design. Qualitative and quantitative techniques were utilized in this study. The data for this study was gathered through the use of communication satisfaction and job diagnostic survey questionnaires. Results revealed that Job satisfaction and communication climate are not independent. It means that Communication climate is related to job satisfaction, employees with positive satisfaction on communication climate are satisfied on their job. Therefore, establishing and maintaining a healthy and positive communication climate are very vital in creating and maintaining job satisfaction.