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Teachers’ Multicultural Awareness of the School Environment: Basis for a Proposal for Multicultural Awareness Enhancement Program for Teachers


Journal Title:Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciences

This study was undertaken to assess teachers’ multicultural awareness of the school environment in terms of the following: curriculum and instruction; professional development, competence and school policies; school climate; and personal views on the diversity of the school. This study also aimed to know if there is a significant difference on the perception of teachers’ multicultural awareness when grouped according to gender, educational attainment, position, rank, age and community. After knowing the results, a program enhancement for the multicultural awareness of teachers was developed. The researcher employed the mixed-method design in research. Quantitative research was used by giving survey sheets and using statistical treatments like the weighted mean, t-test of independent sample and one-way ANOVA. Qualitative research was employed through the Focused Group Discussion facilitated by the researcher to a group of teachers.