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To Choose without Sacrificing Happiness: A Marxist Reading of Jose P. Laurel‘s concept of Freedom and Morality

ARISTOTLE P. BALBA & Aldin L. Gonzales

Journal Title:Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciences

Significantly, ideas about freedom are not limited to the Western thinkers’ arena. In the Philippines, Jose P. Laurel has his share in intellectual discussion about freedom. In Laurel’s concept of freedom, the exercise of rights is very crucial in determining what freedom is. Laurel’s concept of freedom deals on the socio-political aspect of freedom including its implications. In one of his speeches, he equated freedom with political independence. This paper aims to examine and analyze the concept of freedom of one the Filipino historical figure who is regarded as Filipino philosopher, Jose P. Laurel. It is interesting to analyze how a man who is considered to be the president of what is called “puppet government” views freedom. It is significant to find out how a president whose actions are defined and dictated by the Japanese authorities thinks about freedom. In addition, this paper aims to show the relationship of Laurel’s concept of freedom and his concept of morality, having righteousness as the guiding principle to individual morality. The aim of examining and analyzing Laurel’s concept of freedom will be done through Karl Marx’s concept of freedom and morality. It will consult the different ideas and views of Marx about freedom and morality manifested in his socio-political theories.