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Strength Prediction Model for Concrete

Ahsanul Kabir,Monjurul Hasan, and Md. Khasro Miah

Journal Title:ACEE International Journal on Civil and Environmental Engineering

There are many parameters of concrete that influence its strength gaining characteristics. This study is an attempt to use the early compressive strength test result to estimate compressive strength at different ages. Potential utilization of the early day compressive strength result to predict characteristic strength of normal weight concrete has been investigated. A simple mathematical model capable of predicting the compressive strength of concrete at any age is proposed for both stone and local aggregate concrete. The basic model consists of a rational polynomial equation having only two coefficients. This study also proposes a simple reliable relationship between the coefficient p (strength at infinite time) with the strength values of concrete of a particular day. This relation greatly simplifies the concrete strength prediction model. The developed model is validated for commonly used stone aggregate concrete and also for local (brick) aggregate concrete. Data used in this study are collected from some previous studies and recent experimental works. The analysis carried with the model using different data exhibit reliable prediction of concrete strength at different ages (7, 14, 28 days etc.) with excellent efficiency.