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Domestication of the goat of the Angora goat industry

Tofiq Froghi, Azad Hosaini

Journal Title:International Journal of Science and Technology Engineering

Goats are thought to have been among the first species of farm or ranch livestock to have beendomesticated. Insofar as can be determined, only the dog predates the goat as an animal to have been tamed andbrought into a symbiotic relationship with man. There appears little doubt that Angora goats, as a breed, developedin the region known as Asia Minor. This area lies between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean within whichTurkey is located. Specifics of where they originally developed are largely speculation, but it is fairly certain thatfiber producing goats have occupied the area of Asia Minor for at least 2,000 years. The first importation of Angorasto South Africa reportedly occurred in 1838. Most countries which have a significant mohair industry have one ormore organizations supporting their industry. These may be concerned with maintaining pedigrees or herdbooks orsupporting marketing or promotional efforts for both breeding animals and for mohair. For reasons of time andspace, this discussion will relate primarily to those organizations which directly impact the Angora goat and mohairindustry in the United States.