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Providing Efficient Data management Services Using Cloud Cache?

Swapnil L. Mahadeshwar, A.R.Surve?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Cloud computing service provides various computational capabilities to their customer which finds a very drastic change in service infrastructure. The main objective is to reduce the cost of deploying services in the clouds. This entire model faces the performance limitations factors in daily applications and networks. By overthrowing these limitations, the cloud settled speed of the process by migrating data and applications to the cloud and faster access to that data from anywhere. Cloud computing applications that offer data management services are arisen. Such clouds hold up caching of data in order to offer quality query services. The users can inquiry the cloud data, paying the cost for the infrastructure they utilize. Cloud management manages the service of several users in a well-disciplined, although, resource-economic way that allows for cloud profit. Multiple user requests can handle well disciplined, although economically effective way to allow profit in cloud managements. The local cache structure is built for user send queries to cloud cache and pricing solution employs a novel method which estimates the relation of the cache service in time efficient manner to catch the best possible price solution.