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Generation of Anonymous Signature and Message using Identity Based Group Blind Signature

S.Kuzhalvaimozhi , Dr.G.Raghavendra Rao

The essential functionality of any digital transaction system is the protection of the anonymity of user and the message. Group signature allows any valid group member to sign any number of messages on behalf of the group without revealing the member identity. A blind signature is a cryptographic scheme produces a signature, where the digital signature is obtained on a message from a signer without revealing any information about the message. In this paper we bring in a new cryptographic scheme called a Group Blind Digital Signature combines the existing concept of a Group Digital Signature and a Blind Digital Signature. This scheme is useful in many applications where anonymity is very important like evoting and ecash. This blind group signature scheme uses the identity based signature in which the public key can be derived from any arbitrary unique string. This reduces the complexity involved in certificate management as compared to the traditional public key signature scheme. Moreover, this signature scheme based on the bilinear pairings enables utilizing smaller key sizes