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Theoretical Prediction of Annual Energy Generation from a Tidal Barrage with Reference to Tidal Range at Chennai

G. M. Brahmanandhan, B. Swithin , T. Aravind Radjen, P. Paul Hruday Zenith, Motouri Satish, P. Surya Akhil, M. Charan Kumar and A. Sai Pratap Reddy  

Journal Title:Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Objectives: Tidal Energy, one of the clean and green energy sources, has the potential to replace the conventional fuels like Coal and Petroleum. In this paper, an attempt has been made to measure the tidal range in Chennai and theoretical calculations have been performed to find how much energy can be harnessed from tidal source. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Chennai city, one of the metropolitan cities of India has been selected as the study area. The Chennai port which is the second largest port in India is the specific site for the tidal measurement using the Tidal gauge. Tidal gauge, usually measures the change in the sea level with respect to a datum for a month period. From the measured tidal range, the power output that can be harnessed from a tidal barrage arrangement has been theoretically calculated. Findings: At Chennai port, there has been a maximum spring tide of about 1.2 m. By approximating the tidal range to 1 m and by considering a tidal barrage having a km2 area, with electrical conversion efficiency of 0.2, the total annual electricity generation capacity is approximately 10 GWh per year is theoretically calculated. Application/Improvement: By increasing the electrical conversion efficiency to 0.4 to 0.5, the production can be more than 20 GWh power. Which definitely helps the government in replacing the conventional and problematic Non-Renewable energy sources?