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Sybil Attack Detection with Reduced Bandwidth Overhead in Urban Vehicular Networks?

D. Balamahalakshmi, Mr. K.N. Vimal Shankar??

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Urban vehicular networks should have more location privacy. For Sybil attack detection previously they proposed a footprint concept to detect the Sybil attack by using the trajectory information generated by multiple RSUs also to preserve the location of vehicle. The RSU will generate the location and timing information to vehicle whenever it passes through RSU. Using this message the verification will be carried and also it will consider failed RSU for verification. Reducing the message size is not covered in this system. To achieve this, the repeated occurrences of adjacent RSUs are eliminated in the proposed system. So that the length of the trajectory information is reduced without loss of information and also the bandwidth overhead is reduced.