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Gas Level Detection and Leakage Monitoring System using a Specific Technique

I. Juvanna, N. Meenakshi?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Liquified Petroleum gas (LPG) is the common one for all cooking applications. Most of us are prone to much difficulty when the gas cylinder gets emptied during the peak cooking hours. We present this paper in order to create awareness about the decreasing weight due to consumption of the gas and to automatically dial to the gas booking office. Continuous measurement of the weight cannot be done using electronic weight gauges, since it causes fatigue in the springs. Hence we move to contact less detection involving acoustic wave. In this system, the inbuilt pressure sensor in RFID is used to measure the level of the gas inside the cylinder. The output of the pressure sensor is given to the PIC controller, where the voltage corresponding to the gas weight is stored. The same is displayed in the LCD, which is connected to the output port of the controller. A threshold value is set in the controller. Once the threshold level is reached, the voltage value is given to the alarm, which alarms the user. And also it is given to the autodialler. A special sensor for detecting the gas detection agent is inbuilt in the RFID device, whose output is connected to the alarm.