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J. Jayashri Mahendra Boopathi

Journal Title:Global Journal of Engineering Science and Research Management (GJESRM)

In this platform, a mobile application can be executed either on the mobile device or on the cloudlet. The design objective is to develop an optimal application-execution policy, minimizing the energy consumed by the mobile device. To conserve energy for the resource-constrained mobile device, we optimally execute the mobile applications either the mobile device or the cloud platform. This system refers the energy-efficiency of mobile cloud computing using stochastic wireless channel with deadline. We use both scheduling problems such as optimal mobile execution and cloud execution and obtain closed-form solutions for optimal scheduling policies, we derive a threshold policy it states that the data consumption rate, defined as the ratio between the data size (W) and the delay constraint (T), is compared to a threshold which depends on both the energy consumption model and the wireless channel model. Finally, for the mobile execution, we minimize the computation energy by dynamically (running the application) configuring the clock frequency of the chip. For the cloud execution, we minimize the transmission energy by optimally scheduling data transmission across the stochastic wireless channel. Mathematically, we model the minimum-energy task scheduling problem as a constrained stochastic shortest path problem on a directed acyclic graph. Closed-form solutions were obtained for both scheduling problems to decide the optimal application-execution condition under which either the mobile execution or the cloud execution is more energy-efficient for the mobile device. In this we used stochastic wireless channel to effective transmission of data from transmitter to receiver. And it has advantages like fast fading, no shadowing and change phase and velocity depends on the data. In this paper we evaluate execution of mobile and cloud and transmission time also. And dynamic scaling with mobile is calculated by using Gillbert-Elliot model. The transmission energy of mobile is saved by using the stochastic wireless channel.