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Automatic Detection of Optic Disc for the Extraction of Ocular Structure?

Nivedha S, Dinesh V?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Nowadays, some of the most common cause of visual impairment, and blindness are because of diabetes retinopathy, hypertension, glaucoma. These diseases can be detected through regular ophthalmologic examination. However, due to population growth, the ophthalmologists and the experts needed for examination is a limiting factor. So, a system for automatic recognition of these pathological cases will provide a great benefit. Regarding this aspect, the method proposed for the detection of Optic Disc is based on mathematical morphology along with Principal Component Analysis(PCA). It makes use of different operations such as generalized distance function (GDF), the stochastic watershed, and geodesic transformations. The implemented algorithm has been validated on five public databases obtaining promising results.