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Integration of Touch Technology in Restaurants using Android?

Sushmita Sarkar, Resham Shinde, Priyanka Thakare, Neha Dhomne, Ketki Bhakare?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

The growing number of restaurants and population of restaurant-goers have emphasized the need to enhance the working of hospitality industry. This research work aims at improving the quality of services and business of the hospitality industry by incorporating technology. A detailed research on the integration and utilisation of technology in hospitality industries showcased that various applications based on wireless technologies are already in use enabling partial automation of the food ordering process. In this paper, we discuss about the integration of touch technology in restaurants using android. This system is a basic dynamic database utility system which fetches all information from a centralized database. The tablet at the customer table contains the android application with all the restaurant and menu details. The customer tablet, kitchen display and the cashier counter connects directly with each other through Wi-Fi. This wireless application is user-friendly, improves efficiency and accuracy for restaurants by saving time, reduces human errors and provides customer feedback. This system successfully overcomes the drawbacks in earlier automated food ordering systems and is less expensive as it requires a one-time investment for gadgets.