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Mr. Bhushan Yenurkar, Mr. Shrikant Zade?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Phishing is a kind of online security attack where the attacker creates a replica of an existing web page to fool users in order to hack their personal, financial, or password data. Phishing is a form of online fraudulent activity in which an attacker aims to steal a victims sensitive information, such as an online banking password or a credit card number. Victims are tricked into providing such information by a combination of spoofing techniques and social engineering. In this paper we have proposed a new approach named as "Anti phishing framework with interactive captcha validation scheme using visual cryptography" to solve the problem of phishing. It uses visual cryptographic schemes to counter phishing pages where one secret captcha image share resides with user and the other secret shares reside in server. During authentication a genuine server forwards its share and the user forwards his share resulting in a secured access to the system via a reconstructed captcha. But the traditional captcha is prone to character recognization attacks and third-party human attacks. To overcome this problem we used here new generation of captcha which is known as interactive captcha to counter the both attacks. By recording CAPTCHA solving time on a per-character basis, we propose to use Detection Threshold Algorithms for CAPTCHA that enables a server to detect and reject third-party human attacks in ways not possible with existing CAPTCHAs. Combined with visual cryptographic schemes, we offer a dynamic or interactive captcha that can thwart all possible authentication threats.