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Translation of English Algorithm in C Program using Syntax Directed Translation Schema

Nisha N. Shirvi, Mahesh H. Panchal?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Natural language Processing (NLP) is most promising area of research now days. Automatic Translation Application like Translator of English written algorithm to C program is very useful for the people who want to make programing but dont know any formal language like C, JAVA, etc. Translation of English algorithm to C program has been implemented by Rule based approach using syntax directed translation schema. Rule based system do not use any intermediate representation. The input to the system is naturally written English Algorithms and it output its equivalent C Program. In this paper described system comprises of a two tool Flex (Scanner) and Bison (Parser). Flex as scanner define rules related string acceptance and token generation. Bison as parser define NLP Phrase structural grammar (PSG) with its semantic action.