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Defending Against Attack in Heterogeneous Networks?

M. Mukesh Krishnan, R. Ravi?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

In Disruption Tolerant Network flood attack is occur when the packets or packet replicas are send continuously from source to destination. Flood attack normally cause packet loss and inconsistency in packets. In order to overcome flood attack rate limit has been set in each node so the nodes only accept the particular limit of datas. Our detection adopts Claim-carryand check in which each node itself counts the number of packets or replicas that it has sent and claims the count to other nodes. When the node violates its rate limits, it will be detected and its data traffic will be filtered by the way the amount of traffic has to be reduce. The receiving nodes carry the claims when they move and cross-check if their carried claims are inconsistent when they contact. To avoid this data loss we propose a technique Distributed Dynamic Routing Algorithm. This algorithm provides the best path in a network to perform effective communication dynamically. The Distributed Dynamic Routing Algorithm chooses a best path to transmit data from source to destination through intermediate nodes randomly. Here the network posses parallel communication so the transmission time is very low. Since the protocol transmits data randomly data transmission is more secure. Since the datas send dynamically the communication is efficient without any malicious activity.