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Analysis of Malware Detection Techniques in Android?

Ms. Prajakta D. Sawle, Prof. A. B. Gadicha?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

The malware threat for mobile phones is expected to increase with the functionality enhancement of mobile phones. This threat is increased with the surge in population of smart phones instilled with stable Internet access which provides attractive targets for malware developers. Currently, in the smartphone market, Android is currently the most popular smartphone operating system. Due to this popularity and also to its open source nature, Android-based smartphones are now an ideal target for attackers. Since the number of malware designed for Android devices is increasing fast, Android users are looking for security solutions aimed at preventing malicious actions from damaging their smartphones. Anti-malware products promises to effectively protect against malware on mobile devices and many products are available for free or at reasonable prices. From this perspective, we propose and analyse some potential limitation-oriented techniques for effective malware detection.