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Conductometric Studies with Polystyrene Calcium Phosphate Membrane

Tanvir Arfin* and Simin Fatima**

Journal Title:Asian Journal of Advanced Basic Sciences

ABSTRACT: The current study was focused and stressed on the measurement and estimation of conductivity. The conductivity of the membrane was examined at different temperature ranges (25-50 0.1C) and electrolyte concentration ranges (0.01?? c (M) ? 0.5) using multi-meter respectively. The selectivity of membrane behaviour was inferred on the basis of conductometric studies which had a particular characteristic. Absolute reaction rate theory was applied and conducted to investigate the mechanism of transport of simple metal ions through the specific membrane. The parameters of thermodynamic parameters such as activation energy, enthalpy, entropy, and free energy were calculated using the appropriate method. The membrane resistivity for 1-1 electrolyte solutions was found to decrease in the order such that Li+ > Na+ > K+, which is in accordance with an increase in the size of cation. The activation energy increases with an increase in concentration of the electrolyte as it us directly proportional to each other. The membrane was weakly charged and the ionic species retain their hydration shell, at least partially while diffusing through the membrane pores in a gentle manner. All the values of ?G, ?H, and ?S were found to be positive in nature and there is an increases with an increasing temperature in the order likely to be as such K+ > Na+ > Li+. Keywords: Ionic conductivity; alkali halides; composite polystyrene calcium phosphate membrane; Gibbs free energy; membrane conductivity; activation energy