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Physico-chemical investigation on some carbodithioate complexes of Oxovanadium (IV)

Rojila Puri

Journal Title:Asian Journal of Advanced Basic Sciences

ABSTRACT: Some carbodithioate complexes of oxovanadium(IV) with general formulae: [VO(4-RPipzcdtH)2B]SO4 and [VO(4-EtPipzcdt)2B] (B = nil or Py, (R = M, Et and Pipzcdt = piperazine carbodithioate) have been prepared and characterized by elemental analysis, molar conductance, infrared, solution electronic absorption and proton NMR spectral, and room temperature magnetic susceptibility measurements. The oxovanadium (IV) complexes exhibit 1:1 electrolytic nature except [VO(4-EtPipzcdt)2B] (B = Nil or Py) which exhibit non electrolytic nature. A square pyramidal geometry and presence of antiferromagnetic interactions for Zwitterionic and normal carbodithioate complexes of oxovanadium(IV), viz. [VO(4-RPipzcdtH)2]SO4, [VO(4-EtPipzcdt)2]; and octahedral geometry for their pyridine adducts have been proposed. Keywords: Oxovanadium (IV); dithiocarbamate; conductance; magnetic susceptibility.