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Prof.Shirish Raibagkar

Journal Title:Global Journal of Engineering Science and Research Management (GJESRM)

Like any other sector-specific finance, educational finance too has some peculiar characteristics. Experts from the field are always in a better position to assess the requirements than those who are generalists. With rapid changes in the environment, specific variables impacting education sector need to be understood. For example, when the government is delaying reimbursement of scholarship payments to the educational institutions, it is important for the institutions to have a working capital facility in place so as to avoid funding problems. One not in the field of education may express surprise at the very thought of something like cashcredit facility for educational institutions. Therefore, this article highlights the need for an exclusive education funding institution in India like a HDFC dealing exclusively with housing loans. The market is huge given the current demographic profile of our country. The specialized institution can play an important role in the education sector which in itself is a strategic area.