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An Assess Android Antimalware that Detects Malicious Dynamic Code in Apps

Miss. Srushti Hatwar, Prof. Chetan Shelke?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Android is currently the most popular operating system and a considerable number of Smartphones, tablet computers ship with Android. However, users feel their private information at threat, facing a rapidly increasing number of malware for Android which significantly exceeds that of other platforms. Antimalwares software promises to effectively protect against malware on Smartphones and many products are available for free or at reasonable prices. We systematically analyze the security implications of the ability to load malicious dynamic code in Android apps. We assess an Android Antimalware software tool to detect attempts to load malicious code and from the study of many online applications we observed, that malicious code is loaded in an unprotected way is a major issue. We also show how malware can use code-loading techniques to avoid detection by exploiting a conceptual weakness in current Android malware protection.