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Secure Crypto System for Image Encryption and Data Embedding using Chaos and BB Equation Algorithm?


Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

This project proposes method for image encryption and decryption, data embedding and data extraction. The content owner first encrypts image by BB equation and chaos algorithm, then the data is encrypted using data hiding key and embedded into LSB bit of specific pixels. With an encrypted image containing additional data, if a receiver has the data-hiding key, the data can be extracted without revealing original image. If the receiver has the encryption key, the original image can be extracted without disturbing data embedded. If the receiver has both the data-hiding key and the encryption key, then additional data and the original content can be recovered without any error. Since the data embedding only affects the LSB of the encrypted image, the decryption with the encryption key can result in image retrieval similar to the original version.