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Toxicological evaluation of Aristolochia longa L. extract in mice

Cherif H.S, Saidi F, Guedioura A

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Aristolochia longa L. belongs to the Aristolochiaceae family. Although it is a plant known for its toxicity due to aristolochic acids (AA) which it contains, it is widely used in traditional medicine. This work focuses on toxicological evaluation of A. longa L. aqueous extract of the roots. The study of the aqueous extract of the roots acute toxicity in male and female mice, administered orally, has verified its safety to a singles doses of 1g/kg to 5g/kg.. Just as, the evaluation of the sub acute toxicity of the aqueous extract in mice for 28 days at doses of 1.5, 2.5, and 3.5g/kg body weight, showed a slight decrease in body weight and other signs morbidity and a disturbance of some hematological parameters. We also noted a mortality rate that increases with doses. Biochemical parameters studied in this evaluation showed a significant increase in the concentration of urea and plasma creatinine. Histological examination showed alterations of the renal parenchyma and the liver which are greater in animals treated with high dose.