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Journal Title:International Journal of Communication Research

This paper focuses on the reinterpretation of online identity in the conceptual frame done by Giddens key terms self-identity and reflexive project. This rethinking of digital identity emphasizes the conscious, active, and introspective modalities in which an individual constructs and manages her or his identity using the digital tools. Thus, constructivism and symbolic interactionism underpin this investigation. The choices that new media offer introduce from the very beginning a sort of awareness about the project of virtual self-building. The differences that occurred between the early stages of the development of new media and the actual state of affairs in the digital realm impose some changes in the presentation of the self and in its conceiving. In this respect, the paper underlines some relevant developments and possibilities for the affirmation of the self, but, in the same time, presents some constraints and limitations that are visible in the current stage of new media. The problem of digital archive that should preserve the autobiographical narratives is the main example that I will develop, because the identityforming process is shaped by the narrative pieces that we select as representative for our image about ourselves. Thus, the understanding of the modalities through which people compose their digital self-narratives (writing, posting, or archiving) and use them in the self-knowing process describes a chain of action that is very valuable for the edification of our identity.