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Cloud Security and Data Integrity with Client Accountability Framework

Cloud Security and Data Integrity with Client Accountability Framework

Prema Mani, Theresa Jose, Janahanlal Stephen

Journal Title:ACEEE International Journal on Network Security

The Cloud based services provide much efficient and seamless ways for data sharing across the cloud. The fact that the data owners no longer possess data makes it very difficult to assure data confidentiality and to enable secure data sharing in the cloud. Despite of all its advantages this will remain a major limitation that acts as a barrier to the wider deployment of cloud based services. One of the possible ways for ensuring trust in this aspect is the introduction of accountability feature in the cloud computing scenario. The Cloud framework requires promotion of distributed accountability for such dynamic environment[1]. In some works, there‘s an accountable framework suggested to ensure distributed accountability for data sharing by the generation of only a log of data access, but without any embedded feedback mechanism for owner permission towards data protection[2].The proposed system is an enhanced client accountability framework which provides an additional client side verification for each access towards enhanced security of data. The integrity of content of data which resides in the cloud service provider is also maintained by secured outsourcing. Besides, the authentication of JAR(Java Archive) files are done to ensure file protection and to maintain a safer environment for data sharing. The analysis of various functionalities of the framework depicts both the accountability and security feature in an efficient manner.