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3-D FFT Moving Object Signatures for Velocity Filtering

3-D FFT Moving Object Signatures for Velocity Filtering

G. Koukiou and V. Anastassopoulos

Journal Title:ACEEE International Journal on Signal And Image Processing

In this paper a bank of velocity filters is devised to be used for isolating a moving object with specific velocity (amplitude and direction) in a sequence of frames. The approach used is a 3-D FFT based experimental procedure without applying any theoretical concept from velocity filters. Accordingly, each velocity filter is built using the spectral signature of an object moving with specific velocity. Experimentation reveals the capabilities of the constructed filter bank to separate moving objects as far as the amplitude as well as the direction of the velocity are concerned. Accordingly, weak objects can be detected when moving with different velocity close to strong vehicles. Accelerating objects can be detected only on the part of their trajectory they have the specific velocity. Problems which arise due to the discontinuities at the edges of the frame sequences are discussed.