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Towards Seamless TCP Congestion Avoidance in Multiprotocol Environments

Towards Seamless TCP Congestion Avoidance in Multiprotocol Environments

Martin Hruby, Michal Olsovsky, Margareta Kotocova

Journal Title:ACEEE International Journal on Communication

In this paper we explore the area of congestion avoidance in computer networks. We provide a brief overview of the current state of the art in congestion avoidance and also list our extension to the TCP congestion avoidance mechanism. This extension was previously published on an international forum and in this paper we describe an improved version which allows multiprotocol support. We list preliminary results carried out in a simulation environment. New introduced approach called Advanced Notification Congestion System (ACNS) allows TCP flows prioritization based on the TCP flow age and priority carried in the header of the network layer protocol. The aim of this approach is to provide more bandwidth for young and high prioritized TCP flows by means of penalizing old greedy flows with a low priority. Using ACNS, substantial network performance increase can be achieved.