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An Android Based Medicine Reminder System Using External Storage?

An Android Based Medicine Reminder System Using External Storage?

Prabhukannan.G, Liza M. Kunjachen, Dr. J. Jegadeesan?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

In Modern healthcare most of the errors have been identified in Out-patient medication administration. These medication errors are caused due to under or over doses and forgot to take medicines at proper time. Because of these types of errors recovery from the diseases are getting delayed and the patient is suffering for more time. In this paper we introduce an Android based application for the patients. This application will remind the user to take proper medicines in proper quantity at proper time. Because of the android application portability could result in theft, so data security requirements need to be incorporated in the design process. In ?Med Reminder" application, information on the device is encrypted and stored in the database, it is difficult to obtain illegitimately while still making confidential data easy to access. In this application, the data in databases residing on external secure digital card (SD card) of android devices are encrypted. In this paper, we discuss the technologies and methods used in android database encryption/decryption implementation and medicine in-take schedule to set reminder.