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Enhanced Data Transmission for Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks?

Enhanced Data Transmission for Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks?

Miss. Vaishali M.Sawale, Prof. Arvind.S.Kapse?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Nowadays, with the rapid increase of Wireless sensor Network enabled many devices and the more wide spread use of Wireless Sensor Network. WIRELESS sensor network (WSN) is a network system comprised the distributed devices using wireless sensor nodes to guide physical or environmental conditions, such as sound, temperature, and motion .Secure data transmission is a critical issue for wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Clustering is an effective and practical way to enhance the system performance of WSNs. Sensor used for these purposes needs to be deployed very slowly and in a random fashion Clustering is a technique employed to increase the various capabilities of a sensor network. We propose two secure and efficient data transmission (SET) protocols for clustered Wireless sensor Network CWSNs, called SET-IBS by using the identity-based digital signature (IBS) scheme and SET-IBOOS by using identity-based online/offline digital signature (IBOOS) scheme. This application facilitate to facilitate require packet Delivery from one or more senders to multiple receivers, provisioning security in group communications is pointed out as a critical and challenging goal In this paper, we study a secure data transmission for cluster-based Wireless Sensor Network (CWSNs).The results show that the proposed protocols have more performance than the existing secure protocols for CWSNs, in terms of security overhead and energy consumption.