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QoS Enhanced Architecture for Cloud Computing Environment?

QoS Enhanced Architecture for Cloud Computing Environment?


Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Cloud computing is a popular model for enabling network access to shared pool of computing resources that can be provisioned with minimal effort. There are significant issues prevailing with regard to proficient provisioning. Existing works on cloud computing focuses on creation and deletion of static and dynamic VMs and based on the requests the VMs are recycled [1]. But significant amount of time is required for this process which could be applied in serving more user request s. In this paper we introduce provisioning technique that facilitates adaptive management of system offering end users guaranteed Quality of Services (QoS). To improve the efficiency of the system, we use workload analyzer and queuing techniques to achieve high QoS. A loop free path finding algorithm (LPA) is presented to identify the duplicate nodes and replace with the least cost code