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A Study of Web Traffic Analysis

A Study of Web Traffic Analysis

Mr. Pratik V. Pande, Mr. N.M. Tarbani, Mr. Pavan V. Ingalkar?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

With the rapid increasing popularity of the WWW, Websites are playing a crucial role to convey knowledge and information to the end users. Discovering hidden and meaningful information about web user’s usage patterns is critical to determine effective marketing strategies to optimize the Web server usage for accommodating future growth. Most of the currently available Web server traffic analysis tools explicitly provide statistical information. The web server traffic analysis tools make the use of Web Access Logs that are generated on the server while the user is accessing the website. A Web access log comprises of various entries like the name of the user, his IP address, number of bytes transferred timestamp etc. The task of web traffic analysis tools becomes more challenging when the web traffic volume is enormous and keeps on growing. In this paper, we propose a various model to discover and analyze useful knowledge from the available Web log data and also provides a comparative study of variety of Log Analyzer tools exist which helps in analyzing the traffic on web server.