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Physico-Chemical Analysis of Hazardous Effluents from Different Paper Industries

Physico-Chemical Analysis of Hazardous Effluents from Different Paper Industries

Asif Hanif Chaudhry, Rehan ul Haq Siddiqui, Tanveer Akhtar Malik, Kazi Muhammad Ashfaq, Muhammad Shafiq, Rashid Mahmood and Ghazala Yaqub

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

Annual paper production is measure of the development of a country. Paper is made from cellulose based raw material, after their chemical and mechanical treatments. There treatment discharge waste water into the environment which is carried along the water channels like drains. The water form these drains is used by formers for irrigation purposes. If this drained water contains harmful effluents it can badly affect crops. To over come or minimize this damage present study was carried out. Various parameters were checked using standard procedure recommended by American Public Health Association and the results were compared with National Environmental Quality standards (NEQs) of Pakistan. The value of average temperature, pH, TDS and chloride was in harmony with NEQs, whereas the values of the other parameters like TSS, BOD5, COD, Copper and iron were above the NEQs limits for effluents. The violation of the parameters from NEQs suggest that it is time to take steps to check the discharge of unreacted or in-complete treatment effluents into these drains and distribution, so to ensure healthy environment for future generations.