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Study on the Properties of Calcined Waste Mussel Shell

Study on the Properties of Calcined Waste Mussel Shell

Yijun Zhang, Shengyong Liu* and Peiran Chen

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

Mussel shell has been calcined on high temperature. Its main component calcium carbonate is decomposed into CO2 and calcium oxide. Calcium oxide is superbase catalyst for the transesterification reaction. By means of differential thermal balance, the decomposition characteristics of mussel shell have been studied. And of electron microscope, TEM shows grain morphology characteristics of calcination at different calcining temperatures. Organic matter has decomposed during 287°C-458°C. Decomposition of calcium carbonate starts from 600°C to 800°C, when it was balanced. By use of orthogonal analysis, the main influence factors of specific surface area have been optimized. The optimal process parameters are 950°C calcination temperature, 120ìm initial diameter and 1 hour holding time.