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Fuzzy Evaluation and Analysis of Surface Water

Fuzzy Evaluation and Analysis of Surface Water

Jihong Zhou, Yuanzhi Li and Xumin Tian

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

The comprehensive evaluation of the monitoring data of surface water in Handan City, based on the model of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, was made in this paper. According to the monitoring data, selecting seven evaluation factors, namely, permanganate index, BOD, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, ammonia, fluoride and dissolved oxygen, weight matrix has been established for each factor, and the weight of each factor was obtained in the assessment of water quality. Then using the membership function in fuzzy mathematics, computed the data measured, and obtained the corresponding water level. The result of the evaluation shows that the water quality of Handan city is V level, severely polluted, and it becomes a security risk to the residents’ drinking water. Besides, it can be used as the scientific basis for water quality control.