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Water Quality Modelling of a Stretch of River Kshipra (India)

Water Quality Modelling of a Stretch of River Kshipra (India)

R. C. Gupta, Ajay K. Gupta and R. K. Shrivastava

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

River Kshipra is receiving a large volume of untreated sewage daily in its stretch of Ujjain city and the status of water is pathetic during low flow season. A stream water quality model QUAL-2Kw was used in the present study to simulate the contributions from different sources and sinks of dissolved oxygen and to understand the interactions among them. The model was calibrated and validated and the simulated results are in general agreement with measured water quality in River Kshipra. It was established through this study that the QUAL-2Kw model can be used for future river water quality management options for River Kshipra with reasonable accuracy.