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Study on the Molecular Weight Distribution in Ganjiang River

Study on the Molecular Weight Distribution in Ganjiang River

Zhengong Tong

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

Using the method of ultrafiltration, the raw water of the Nanchang section of Ganjiang River and the water after conventional treatment was estimated to determine the molecular weight distribution. The results showed that the raw water of Ganjiang River has a molecular weight distribution with large edges and small middle parts, which meant that the organic matter of the water mainly centralized in a scope where the molecules were larger than 30ku or less than 1ku, and the middle size matter occupied a relatively small proportion. In winter low-water season, there was little organic matter in the river and the small organic matter molecules played the dominant role. Meanwhile, in the season of high-water, the amount of organic matter increased, whereas the small organic matter molecules decreased and the large organic matter molecules became dominant. The ordinary water purifying process of Nanchang city was just to remove the large molecules of the organic matter mainly, which led to an unsatisfying result where the small molecules were barely removed.