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Study on the Eco-Control System of Sustainable Expressway Landscape

Study on the Eco-Control System of Sustainable Expressway Landscape

Leichang Huang, Fucun Cao, Shilin Shen, Ying Chen and Xun Gu

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

With the quick urbanization and rapid economic globalization, expressway, as the most important portion of the highway networks, has been developed at an astonishing speed, which brought on increasingly severe ecological environmental problems although contribution greatly to human. Therefore, it is necessary how to promote economic development and at the same time to control the negative impact of expressway, which means it should be a sustainable expressway landscape, an expressway with human and nature in harmony. In this paper, the characteristics and the faced changes of a sustainable expressway landscape have been analysed. The eco-control system for the sustainable expressway landscape was constructed including both the theory control system and the technology one, adopting ecology, landscape, planning, cybernetics and related expressway theory to a whole new theory guiding the control process. It is an integration among the series of engineering technologies, the methods and guarantee of a sustainable expressway landscape. The technology control is in three layers, i.e., master control from two sides of planning and key nodes, subsection control mainly for the detailed expressway attribute of inside and outside elements, management control crossing the whole living process cycle of expressway. The eco-control system of sustainable expressway landscape would be implemented from three scales: macro-planning control, meso-design control and micro-engineering and technical control.