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A Grid Connected Three-Port Solar Micro Inverter

A Grid Connected Three-Port Solar Micro Inverter

V. Rinsha, Jinu Mathew Varghese and Dr. M. Shahin

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Power Systems and Integrated Circuits

In the present scenario of increasing energy crisis Interest in ac module strategy for PV based microinverter has grown in recent years because of its improved energy harvest, improved system efficiency, lower installation costs, plug-N-play operation, and enhanced flexibility and modularity .Microinverters avoid the drastic reduction in power produced by PV panels due to shading effect. In this paper a three-port microinverter topology is being studied which is connected to single phase grid. The proposed topology is basically a flyback converter with an extra switch and diode. This arrangement allows the use of a low capacitance film capacitor, with long lifespan, as decoupling capacitor instead of E-caps, with short lifespan. Thus proposed three-port microinverter has longer lifespan.The operation principles and design considerations are explained in this paper. The MATLAB/SIMULINK based simulation of the microinverter is also performed