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DooDB: A Graphical Password Database Consist of Doodles and Pseudo Signature Based User Authentication?

Miss. Yugandhara A.Thakare, Prof.A.S.Kapse?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Most of the computer user has to remember the alphanumeric password or PIN consist of combination of numbers, characters and symbols for different kind of application which may intern increases load of user in remembering per application username and password. This method has been shown to have significant drawbacks. For example, users tend to pick passwords that can be easily guessed. On the other hand, if a password is hard to guess, then it is often hard to remember. To address this problem and for reducing the cognitive load on the user we have presented DooDB containing Doodles and Pseudo Signature. Here the focus is upon doodle based password which is subset of recall graphical passwords .Users are authenticated by asking to draw with their fingertip a doodle on a handheld device touch screen which is captured and further used for verification. There were no restrictions regarding duration or shape.