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Bysko M. V.

Journal Title:Mediamusic

The article considers the noise as the most important category of media culture, its ontology and gnoseological quality, impact ways and possible forms of study. "Noisology" is offered like a separate direction in the science of sound. Today, there are systems of learning and teaching of speech and music, but we are not trained to understand or decipher the noises. We often resort to our own empirical experience when talking about noise or trying to identify it, describe its semantics, symbols or imagery. In the media artistic creation and production of the XX-XXI centuries, the role of the noise is not in doubt. "Music for percussion", "symphonies of noises", noise soundtracks, noisomusic, ars-acoustic, noise tools, data bases of noises and sound-engineering practice of audio effects, all can be confirmation of this phenomena. So, applied mission of art noises requires scientific understanding. Therefore the noisology presents three central topics: noise psychoacoustics, noise semiotics, and noise imagery including its "musicality".