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New Touch Screen Application to Retrieve Speech Information?

J.Rajeswari, E.Thanga Selvi?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

An adaptive speech rate control technology for ultra fast listening that is equivalent to skimming is described. Nowadays, listening to audio books on mobile devices is quite common. People read books at various levels of detail from close reading to skimming. Although a similar feature to skimming is required to efficiently obtain information from audio sources, there is no tool equivalent to skimming for audio playback. Therefore a new speech rate conversion method is developed to efficiently obtain information from audio sources with very fast replay. This algorithm will help not only sighted people to enjoy audio books but also visually impaired people because almost all of their information is obtained from speech. Thus, the implementation of this technology on special audio players for visually impaired people as a new replay function is expected to be useful. Moreover, this technology should be useful for all audio book listeners, not only people with limited sight. A new touch screen application is developed for consumer use.